Kenya has a diverse culture reflected in the many tribal groups that make up the country. Kenya is also home to a large Asian group who originally arrived during the construction of the Ugandan railway. There is a small white population. Now a diverse culture that mixes traditional with modern. A country that has embraced information technology and the digital era.
The majority religion is Christian but a sizeable Muslim community is found along the coast. Hinduism is common in the main urban areas and many fine Hindu temples can be observed.
Music plays an important part in cultural life. Instruments include the African Drum, rattles, the Wandidi and the Nyatiti. With independence came modern music, influenced by South African Jazz and Zimbabwean guitar music and Congolese pop. The result is Benga a fast and rhythmic style of music.

The Kikuyu are the largest tribal group and live in the central areas north of Nairobi and around Mt Kenya. The Kikuyu were the group that started the Mau Mau resistance movement to end British colonial rule.

The Maasai are nomadic and live in the arid areas along the Tanzanian border. The Maasai still live a nomadic life and have large cattle herds. Villages close to the National Park accept visitors interested to learn more about their lifestyle.