Diplomatic staff (Current) :

  1. H.E. Mrs. Florence I. Weche
  2. Amb. Bellinda Achieng Omino
  3. Mr. S.G. Karicho
  4. Col. J. O. Maroko
  5. Mrs. Judith Ngunia
  6. Mr. Fredrick M. Baya
  7. Ms. Mercelline N Orindi
  8. Mr. Fredrick K. Ndegwa
  9. Mr. David K. Koskei
  10. Mr. Mohammad Ali Osman
  11. Mrs. Norah J Majani
  12. Mrs. Mary Naomi W Njiri
  13. Ms. Elosy N. Kanake

Several officers have served in this Mission in the past. The following have risen to the rank of Ambassador.

  1. Amb. Frost Josiah
  2. Amb. J.W.K. Mukuria
  3. Amb. Dr. Kipyego Cheluget
  4. Amb. Mohamed Gello
  5. Amb. J.W. Gaita (Mrs)
  6. Amb. Elphas Barine

Contact us

All official correspondence to the Mission should be addressed to the High Commissioner.The following email addresses may be used in respect to the area of concern:

  1. General

info@kenyahicom-delhi.com (All Inquiries including Trade Investments)

  1. Education Section

elimu@kenyahicom-delhi.com (Education Matters)

  1. Visa/Consular Section

visa@kenyahicom-delhi.com (Consular and Visa Matters)

  1. Defence

ulinzi@kenyahicom-delhi.com (Defence Matters)