Sports in Kenya

Kenya is a sporting country and has produced several world record holders in various fields, in particular athletics. Prior to the advent of international competitive sporting, communities engaged in pass-time sports including- hunting (using spears and arrows), dances, wrestling, racing, stick fights, board games, bull fights, among others. These are still practiced and by various communities.

Prior to Independence and thereafter, Kenya engaged in globally competitive sporting. Today, all manner of sports are practiced in Kenya and at various levels. These include among others:

Athletics – Popular amongst are long distance, medium, including stipple chase which has been her dominance in the last decade.

Athletes keen on sampling the sport, for professional, leisure or fame, as well as practice with the world class sports men and women have the opportunity to enjoy this in Kenya’s many athletes’ training camps

David Rudisha – The current 800m world record holder

The Safari Rally :
The East African Classic safari title is an annual competition rally that traverses Kenya and Tanzania. The cars cross to Tanzania through the Usambara Mountains and the valley of Horogwe. The cars cover a distance of 4,500 km. The nine-day rally is organised by the East African Safari Rally that is inscribed in the F’ed’eration Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) events.

It is organised in compliance with the prescriptions for Long Distance rally regulations of the FIA and the Supplementary Regulations and Appendices.

The Rhino Charge:
Another local event raising money for conservation is the annual Rhino Charge a 4WD rally through the wilderness. The exact route for the race is never revealed in advance, but more often than not it is in the Laikipia region.
The race involves 4WD vehicles following a course through extremely rough terrain to reach a series of pre-arranged points in the fastest possible time. The course is designed with challenge in mind, and each year these off road vehicles are pushed to their absolute limits.
The Rhino Charge vehicles are crewed by a full team of driver, navigator and support crew. The race is definitely a light-hearted affair, and is a social event in itself. Large camps are set up to support the race, and these are the venue for both pre and post race celebrations.

Golfers will be delighted to discover some of the finest golf courses in Africa. Tee off in the pure highland air with views of both Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro in the distance, and discover what a real Game safari is all about. Kenyas golf courses range from the beach clubs set among palms and casuarina trees with stunning views of the sapphire Indian Ocean, to those dominated by the perennial snow cap of Mount Kenya. Many courses are at an altitude of more than 1500 meters (5000 ft), truly giving you an additional 10% yardage to your stroke