Click here to Download the Visa Application Form (FORM 22)

Applications must be Submitted with the Following:
1. Two Passport size Photographs
2. A return or an onward ticket
3. Proof of financial ability e.g. Foreign Exchange duly endorsed in the passport or copy of credit card in case of Tourist Visa.
4. Sponsorship declaration from the sponsor of the applicant in Kenya and passport photocopies of the sponsor
5. Hotel Confirmation / Invitation Letter in case of Tourist Visa.
6. Relevant Business Correspondence from Kenya (if applying for Business Visa)
7. A letter of Introduction from your employer/company in India.
8. Visa fee applicable are as here below:-

Single Journey Visa (SJV)
USD$50.00 – IRs.3,000.0

Multiple Journey Visa (MJV)
USD$100.00 – IRs.6,000.00

Transit Visa (TV)
USD$20.00 – IRs.1,200.00

Referral Visa (RV)
USD$10.00 – IRs.600.00

East Africa Tourist Visa (ETV)
USD$100.00 – IRs.6000.00